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SpodLady.com - The first online department store to offer polish and european products you remember from before '89


About us


The project came to life because of the vivid memories from our childhood which happen to be in years of real socialism. We think about those years both with nostalgy and humour. We are not dealing with politics but we recall the absuridties of People's Republic of Poland.


Our project has grabbed the attention of all major polish media.


The products we sell are not "antiques" as seen on Internet auctions. We offer products which are still manufactured and also design some them ourselves.





If you would like to gather any background information about us, our store or the products we offer, please contact us by e-mail or call: 0048 0-56 623 59 15. We can provide you with high-resolution photos suitable for further publication.

Customers / Retailers:


If you are looking for intriguing retro-style products such as gifts or decorations for parties, please contact us by e-mail or by phone: 0048 56 623 11 18. Our Manager will help you in completing your order and respond to all the questions. We are keen on establishing business cooperations.



We are always interested in expanding our stock. If you are a manufacturer or wholesaler of goods suitable for our store, please send us an e-mail and present your offer.